Teacher Play Alphabet Cards


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Teacher Play a to z flashcards offer children a fun and easy way to practice their alphabet. The set features 26 double sided cards with illustrations that help reinforce letter formation. All cards are wipeable when using a dry wipe pen.

About the Learning Alphabet Cards:

The product is designed by using vibrant illustrations and memorable verses, these Learning alphabet Cards aid young children in their ability to recognise and draw lower case letters. By providing children with a story they can relate to, it enables them to absorb information quickly while creating an engaging and enjoyable learning experience.

How to use:

The cards can be used in a variety of ways depending upon the learner. It is extremely important to recognise that each child is unique and has a different learning style. Therefore, the cards are designed with this in mind. Please subscribe to my website in order to get updates on my blog for new activities to try with the cards.

What can the child learn:

The cards are clear to help the child learn letter formation and letter recognition. It is not just about formation of the letter, but the cards can develop phonics too. Each rhyme has the letter sound within it to encourage the phonic ability of the child, matching the written letter to the phonic sound. Communication and language is a key area that can be developed when using the cards effectively. For example when looking at ‘L’ you can look at solids and liquids as the rhyme states ‘The lolly turns into liquid.’